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Timeware Roster System (v2.0 Screenshots & Feature List)

Posted: Wed, 15th June 2011 in News

Version 2.0 of the Timeware Roster System (TRS) is now available. TRS v2.0 features the following:

Timeware Roster System Features

  • Web-based interface accessible over HTTP

  • All users with access to the Timeware client automatically have access to the TRS

  • TRS automatically shows all employees that the user has permission to view in the Timeware application

  • The TRS enables the preparation of rosters an unlimited number of weeks in advance, the review of rosters back to day 0 and the generation of rosters along any number of Timeware groupings, e.g. by department, by group, by location &c

  • Ability to copy rosters in part or in full between weeks/employees

  • Ability to show incorrect schedules, unauthorised absences, not on roster, over/under-rostered alerts on Timeware agenda screen

  • Ability to export any roster output to CSV format (compatible with Microsoft Excel)

  • Ability to setup multiple customisable views, which can show any or all Timeware rates, employee pay rates, total period costings, total daily costings, differences between clocked hours and rostered hours and budgeting calculations

  • Rosters can be prepared weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and can have variable start days

  • Ability to pay at different rates depending on day, employee, membership of a particular group or any combination of the aforementioned

  • Ability to customise totalled hours based on company specific breaks and/or rules

  • Split shifts can be added into the TRS

  • Cross-rostering of employees, i.e. employees can move between 2 departments or locations (denoted by a custom colour associated with each group)

  • Lightning fast, user-friendly interface showing all the pertinent information, and which is completely customisable

  • Keyboard navigation of roster data, e.g. up, down, left, right and enter key to validate shift

  • Automatic creation and assignment of Timeware schedules.

  • Can show relevant details for employees including payroll, badge number and employee id

  • Ability to record notes for each employee each week

  • Cross-group reconciliation table showing inter-departmental cost balances

  • Ability to notify administrators if employee swipes at incorrect terminal

  • Can force the roster so employees always get paid roster which helps keep costs under control

  • Ability to auto-lock roster after certain length of time to prevent accidental updates

  • The roster can show budgets either by time or cost, and for all groups

  • Customisable warning threshold to alert administrator if roster cost/hours are too high

  • Ability to enter in target sales/hours and actual sales

  • Custom business specific modules available including 'Daily Breakdown', 'Retail', 'Nursing Home'

Timeware Roster System Screenshots

Login with Timeware credentials
Prepare rosters along Timeware groups
Roster showing schedules and totals
Easy selection of schedules
Customise your column layout
Enter schedules in shorthand for quick preparation
Edited cells stay highlighted
Roster shows employees pay rates and roster costs
Employee and total costs are displayed
Retail module allows inputing of target and actual sales
Easy creation of Timeware schedules
Colour-coded cross-group rostering
Export selection to CSV/Excel
Flag employees who are temporarily working in a different group
Add notes for employees
Show comparison to actual swipe data and the cost of discrepancies
Swipe errors and swipe data are shown
Overall cost of start/finish of shift discrepancies
Complete costing breakdown per day/week
Cross-group reconciliation table showing inter-department credits/debits
Show any/all Timeware rates
Enable additional business-specific modules
Define different roster views for a complete picture
Define budget warning percentage
Roster notifications appear in Timeware
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