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Time & attendance systems

Celtic Productions recommends the use of the Timeware software suite. Timeware is the UK's leading developer of workforce management solutions. The latest incarnation of the Timeware software features a HR suite, time management, attendance management, absence management, access control and fire roll-call systems. Timeware is sold and implemented in Ireland by Irish Time Computing Ltd.

Irish Time Computing (ITC) Ltd distribute Timeware in Ireland with a specific focus on biometric handpunch readers and fingerprint scanners. ITC have over 500 installations around Ireland. Celtic Productions provide support, scripts and reports that incorporate into Timeware systems. Custom reports and scripts, including break scripts, time adjustment scripts and links to payroll packages are essential extras to many Timeware installations.

One of the core benefits to Timeware is its continual development which means that customers' systems are upgraded year-on-year to incorporate cutting-edge technology. Timeware is suitable for companies of any size and it runs on a Windows / SQL Server environment. Celtic Productions have built numerous external applications that plug-in to the Timeware software to enable additional functionality for customers.

Once daily and weekly/bi-weekly/monthly work patterns and schedules have been defined, Timeware will seamlessly calculate the total hours worked by your employees. This robust software package replaces laborious manual, error-prone, calculations ultimately saving your company time and money. Timeware's configuration options, and thus potential, are almost limitless.

Timeware Feature List

  • Constant development cycle
  • Handles flexitime, rotational, shift-based and roster work patterns
  • Scripting support so easily extensible
  • Reports written in Crystal Reports so limitless data views are possible
  • Core times to flag overtime
  • Comprehensive absence and holiday management system
  • Comprehensive personnel database with the ability to define custom fields
  • Web-based interface for employees to view attendance and absence data

Please contact Irish Time Computing Ltd. to discuss your company's specific time and attendance needs.

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