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How we work

Our web development strategy crucially focuses on the interaction of your business processes with the technology at our disposal. This interaction is unique amongst all of our clients and as such, we find a bespoke implementation is the most effective route to achieving a successful web presence.

Our focused analysis is an assessment of your current web presence both from an internal perspective, i.e. how your pages are organised and how your content is produced and from an external perspective, i.e. how the major search engines view your site and how effective your web marketing strategy is.

This focused analysis is carried out on the backdrop of what you feel is not working, where you feel things can be improved and ultimately how value can be added to your web presence.

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Bespoke strategy

Every day, Celtic Productions produces immersive, interactive sites which cater for millions of satisfied end-users every month. From this position, the future trends of the internet are clearly exposed to us. We see the future because we're building it today.

We create an informed plan of action from a combination of client needs and aspirations and our extensive knowledge of the way in which the internet is evolving.

Then, depending on the elements of our service that you have requested, we carry out graphic design, web design, template production, programming and database design where necessary. Our vast experience enables us to accurately forecast the various costs, timelines and deliverables involved thus providing complete transparency to you.

We implement this plan using our creativity, technical expertise and vision to facilitate the transition to an internet-enabled business. Crucially, Celtic Productions can assist in the adaptation of the company's relevant business systems in order to maximise the potential of its new global customer entry point.

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Continued partnership

Static, or 'brochure', websites simply don't survive in this day and age. As a result, on-hand technical and editorial support ensure the successful roll-out of your new web presence until the internal personnel responsible for maintaining the website are fully up to speed with the administrative tasks.

We succeed because you succeed. The continued partnership, where the success of your website ultimately rests, is of paramount importance. This is embodied in an achievable, practical continuation plan which details the necessary steps in order to maximise your return on investment.

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