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About Celtic Productions

Welcome to the Celtic Productions website. Celtic Productions is an Irish company that specialises in web development and e-commerce. We provide technical consultancy services to lots of individuals and companies all across Ireland and throughout Europe. We also have an in-house development team who plan, design and build websites for a variety of organisations.

Despite our small size, Celtic Productions have a variety of successful, market-proven software products that we provide to our customers, including our RGSAPI reservation system, our innovative social-networking tool VillaShare™, some online development tools, a variety of content management systems and we provide technical support and services for time management solutions.

One of our core competencies is our ability to collate, manipulate and integrate large data sets from diverse sources. This enables us to build industry-leading e-commerce sites which maximise our clients' revenue and their customer's web experience.

Our mission is to fulfill a company's fundamental need for an internet presence whilst allowing them to concentrate on their core business activity. We understand the internet consumer and we understand your business. We create the bridge that links the two. To learn more about the history of our organisation and our corporate philosophy, please use the links on the left hand side. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and we will respond to your query without delay.

Latest news from Celtic Productions

  • Timeware Roster System (v2.0 Screenshots & Feature List)
    Posted: Wed, 15th June 2011
    Version 2.0 of the Timeware Roster System (TRS) is now available. TRS v2.0 features the following: Timeware Roster System FeaturesWeb-based interface accessible over HTTP All users with access to the Timeware client automatically have access to the TRS TRS automatically shows all employees...

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  • Puerto Plata Website Launched
    Posted: Thu, 18th November 2010
    Puerto Plata's, Celtic Productions' latest client for our RGSAPI (Rental Guide System API) have launched their new website www.puertoplatagrancanaria.com. The website utilises many of the core features of the RGSAPI including online reservations, tight availability integration, advanced pricing...

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