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We've helped hundreds of Irish companies develop and implement systems which add value to their business.
We have over 20 years experience designing and delivering software solutions to Irish and international clients.
We are skilled in many legacy and modern programming languages and technologies allowing us to work in the most appropriate environment for your project.
Our rates are very competitive and our core goal is to always add value so please get in touch to discuss your project.

Services We Offer

Web programming

We build dynamic, data-driven, scalable websites for a diverse range of clients.

App development

We develop secure, feature-rich, mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Software development

We write robust, bespoke client/server software for corporate clients.

Database development

We design databases, code advanced T-SQL queries, CTEs and views to improve data visualisation.

Legacy system integration

We maintain and integrate legacy systems in use in the financial service and healthcare industries.

Ad-hoc scripting

We write code to perform one-off tasks that would otherwise be labour intensive.

Excel programming

Excel is the best software package ever written. We extend its functionality with bespoke VBA programming.

Social and charity projects

We routinely offer our services to charities and social projects for free, or at heavily discounted rates.

Systems We Offer

Reservation systems

Online booking systems for airlines, hotels, apartments and villas with availability centralised from portals, e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway.

Social media systems

Aggregation and centralisation of social streams, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr.

Document & CMS systems

Lightning-fast, responsive, user-friendly CMS systems for managing all types of content.

HR systems

We can advise on, and customise, HR systems for the management of your workforce.

Roster systems

Industry leading roster systems, including automatic rostering and cost-centre support, for efficient scheduling of your workforce across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Time & attendance systems

Enterprise scale server- and cloud-based time management systems to record working hours.

Job costing systems

We supply systems capable of recording time worked by employees on specific jobs. Biometric, barcode and traditional hardware options available.

Geo-aware systems

We provide geo-boundary systems, e.g. for the catering and logistics industries. Track employees, equipment and stock accurately and in real-time.

Access control systems

We provide access control systems that support dynamic access patterns, free zones and a wide range of security features.

Biometric systems

We offer software that supports and integrates with fingerprint, handscan, voice and facial recognition hardware.

Stock market & financial systems

We integrate with streaming stock ticker feeds and construct custom trading algorithms and visualisations.

Interactive displays

We offer programming services for on-site interactive exhibitions, events, displays and corporate lobbies.

We work internationally

Although the majority of our work takes place in Ireland, about 20% of our clients are in the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland and broader Continental Europe.

The relatively recent improvement in remote working technologies has allowed us to provide the same standard of service to our international clients as those closer to home.

We work on diverse projects of all sizes

Our clients are a healthy mix of individuals, SMEs and multinationals, including several Fortune Global 500 companies and their subsidiaries. We have also provided programming services to some of the largest public sector organisations in Ireland and the UK.

But, equally, we regularly work on small projects for individuals, charities and SMEs so we may work on a multi-million EUR project one week, and then a one-page website the next. Variety is the spice of life.

About Celtic Productions

Celtic Productions was founded in 1997 by Michael Magan and Ross Killen. Michael retired from the business to tend to his olive trees in the South of France in 2012 leaving Ross as the sole operator of the business.

Ross has a team whose expertise he can draw upon to fulfill projects and nearly all of our work is generated from our network of contacts and referrals from existing clients.

  • Small, flexible team
  • Large network with vast experience
  • Satisfied clients

We're very thankful to be afforded the opportunity to work with new clients and our dual goals of providing great value and a superb result drives us forward. Do get in touch today to discuss your project - we'd be delighted to assist.

Ross Killen
Dublin, Ireland

"I've always found programming enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. I started dabbling on computers when I was 6, writing elementary batch files on a classic Amstrad CPC and at university, I was awarded a 1st class honours in Software Systems, earning the Best Technical Dissertation Award, B.Sc. Scholar of the Year and Ireland's Higher Education Council (HETAC) Student of the Year.

I've taught programming to primary and secondary school students but my passion has always been in developing robust software for the commercial sector. I also have a keen interest in dynamic programming, machine learning and NP-hardness problems.

Away from my desk, I've captained Ireland's ice-hockey and inline-hockey teams and I continue to play "pick-up" hockey regularly, I enjoy rugby and run a commercial, organic vegetable farm."

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