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First of all, what is Gzip? Gzip is a compression utility that has gained in popularity in recent years for a few reasons, notably it's open source software and the algorithms it uses are free from patents. This might not appear to be a big problem but if you've ever had to pay for a AES-512 encryption licence, you'll probably appreciate it that bit more. read more...
on 19th November
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We encounter the need to backup the web server's contents to a remote server on nearly every project we work on. Before you head straight into creating hundreds of pages of quality content and building large data-driven websites, it's important to have a solid data backup strategy. If you do not, you will find what many of us over the years have found; that one morning you wake up, attempt to access your website and (eek!) nothing! So, you contact your hosting company and (eek!) nothing, no backups were taken in the last century and your data as you know it is lost to the ages. That is why it is so important, as a primary, not ancillary concern, of any serious developer or programmer to implement a data backup strategy without delay. read more...
on 28th March
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